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Farid Oneza Tanveer

Aqsa Women’s Degree College is primarily undergraduate institution, affiliated to the S.N.D.T Women’s University, Mumbai.

Bhiwandi Nizampur became the 2nd largest power loom centre in the country. The bloom of cloth oil and looms still attract the worker from different states to come and find suitable jobs.The State government estimates that over 40 lakh people are dependent directly or indirectly on the looms of Bhiwandi Nizampur. The Power loom industry is the main reason for huge number of floating population.The city of Bhiwandi is having a strong population of about 2 million but more than 75% of the population belongs to poor strata of the society and hence most of the parents are not able to send their daughters to the neighboring cities for higher education. The Indian culture is also an obstacle in which parents want their daughters back home in the evening after attending their college.Their parents hesitate to send them to girls hostel. Considering all these facts we have provided them a degree college at their door step in the city itself.The mission is the upliftment of women through an education that is holistic and provides for an all-round growth.

The College management is committed to creating an atmosphere in which the zest for learning thrives and students are trained not only academically but also to be women of convictions and values. All programmes are student-centered, providing ample opportunity for the development of leadership and self-assurance. The college is committed to generating disseminating and presuming knowledge, and to working with others to bring this knowledge to bear on the different challenges.The goals of the college are revised periodically in order to keep pace with changing needs.Within the framework of the goals of the college, a unique feature of the institution is that a different theme is chosen each year. Various activities, departmental, interdepartmental and intercollegiate in nature, are organized around this theme.

The college is also very active in N.S.S and Cultural activities, these activities include seminars, symposia, discussions and minor research studies on the chosen theme for the academic year. The Education to Excellence in Arts Programme and the Education to Excellence in Science Programme aim to provide gifted students with the opportunity to go beyond the syllabus. The College is fortunate in having a highly qualified and motivated teaching faculty, many of whom are actively engaged either in research work or in extension activities. The committed faculty and academic activities have enabled the college to meet effectively the new challenges faced by education today. We seek to
develop in each and every member faculty of the Aqsa Community the ability and passion to work wisely creatively and effectively for the education upliftment and empowerment of women of our society.

The Aqsa Campus has excellent infrastructural facilities and is always alive with activity-academic, co-curricular, extra-curricular and sports. Our students are expected to participate actively and to take advantage of the many opportunities offered, so that they can develop into self-confident, responsible, ethical and compassionate human beings.


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Wishing good health, more wealth, peace, fame, love, in your life… Happy Diwali. (02/11/2018)


Dear student’s, A smile of yours can show heaven on earth. A twinkle of your eyes can still us for ages.Happy children’s day.God Bless. (14/11/2018)


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