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  • Students will not go for job, or work or business or private coaching during the college hours. If anyone misses the lectures/practicals for that reasons, his/her admission is liable to be cancelled immediately.
  • Students who fail to maintain the condition of minimum attendance on account of Bonafide illness. Or any other reason which is deemed right by the principal, should apply in writing to the principal for leave of absence, prior or within 2 days from the date of commencement of such leave, failing which they will be treated as defaulters.
  • Attendance will be condoned on medical grounds by 10% [ A student must keep minimum 65% attendance] provided it is substantiated by relevant medical certificate within a week of getting the fitness certificate. Parents / Guardians are request to check their ward’s attendance from the college at the end of each month on any working days between 10.a.m. to 12 noon and follow up their ward’s progress.
  • All applications for leave of absence along with medical certificate, if any, are to be submitted to the college office inward section and not directly to any teacher/ lecturer.

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